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Introduction to Scissortail Sings

Scissortail Sings is hopefully the beginnings of a long and fruitful relationship between the artists of Tulsa, OK and the relocation of SIAMB! to Tulsa. We don’t know each other yet, but we hope to become good friends and conspirators in the craft of printed media.

To that end, Scissortail Sings is open for submissions in all genres of print to the people who consider themselves to be of Tulsa and its surrounding communities. SIAMB! is primarily a black and white print magazine that has historically printed poetry, fiction, non-fiction, essays, and visual arts. We are open to all ideas, so let us know if your piece will take us down a new and exciting alley of adventure.

At its core, SIAMB! is an experimental platform–stage–wondering who is around and what their stories are. To that end, we want to hear the voices of Black Wall Street, the indigineous communities, LGBTQIA+, two-spirit peoples, and any communities who feel this list left them out.

Scissortail Sings is the first step on a path that may go anywhere. Will Scissortail Sings become a serial publication, or will it splinter into other projects and books? Perhaps SIAMB!’s role in this current ecosystem of creation in Tulsa will differ from previous positions. Are there collectives in Tulsa that SIAMB! would better serve as a fundraiser or supporter, not a publisher? The doors are open, and SIAMB! is excited to see what happens next.

Submission Guidelines

Poetry, Non/Fiction, Essay, etc.:

We have no specific word count requirements. Our zines usually feature 200-250 words per page, so a little over 2,000 words is a common upper target for short stories and essays. However, longer pieces have been accepted. We do not have a minimum word count.

Please send up to five poems, five pieces of flash fiction, or one longer form piece in an editable document format (.txt, .doc, .docx) per submission.

Visual Arts:

Our printable area is generally around 4.5” x 6” and in black and white; we guarantee this availability. We may be able to expand in color/size with bleeds, but there isn’t a guarantee. So please send your pieces and ideas, and we’ll see what we can come up with for the issue.

Please send up to five pictures in PNG format with at least 300DPI.

To Submit:

Please email your submission as attachments with a brief hello in the body of the email to [email protected].

Please include any worthy Tulsa organizations SIAMB! should consider donating to (see below) in your email if you have any ideas.

Compensation, Funding, etc.

All contributors will receive one copy of the final issue.

SIAMB! has historically run a shares system in which each person in the issue receives one share. SIAMB! itself receives one share, and three organizations receive one share to be donated to. Contributors are welcome to donate their share to an organization, as is defined in our publishing contract.

SIAMB! has been playing with this model, trying to sort out the best way to go about it. At the moment, it’s largely a logistical problem. (Issue #7 had Brutus sending out $2.63 to contributors every month, which was a bit rough.) The plan for Issue #9 is to send out shares after 3 months, and subsequent sales (few after the first couple months) will stay with SIAMB! to help cover operating costs.

We’re happy to hear your thoughts on this, and we will have it finalized before signing contracts with any submissions.

Who We Are

Sir Princess Brutus is constantly jumping between its data engineer day job, SIAMB!, reading poetry and sci-fi, and dance floors. There are not enough hours in the day–else there are too many. It does not know how to rest.

D. Marise is a nomad in spite of her staunch loyalty to her home state and all others she calls home. She climbs trees in her free time, but works as a freelance writer and editor. She relates far too much to the “poor, starving artist” stereotype; capitalism is not her friend.