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Trans Rights Are Human Rights.

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When SIAMB! first landed in Tulsa, we aimed to support local and independent artists. Over the last year, personal autonomy has come under fire across the U.S., and Oklahoma is no exception. We find it impossible to focus on artist support when so many populations are under attack. For this reason, we are pivoting all proceeds towards advocacy and direct mutual aid efforts, focusing on the immediate safety of Oklahoma’s trans and two-spirit communities.

In addition to the anti-trans, anti-drag, and anti-gender-affirming care legislation, the recent overturning of Roe vs. Wade allowed abortion bans across more than 10 states. Florida lawmakers are attempting to ban teaching about the menstrual cycle. Under the fictitious boogieman of “CRT,” lawmakers in several states are banning the teaching of history and race. Together, these attacks aim to control and subjugate the non-cis-het-white-male human experience; SIAMB! vehemently opposes this and embraces inclusivity and diversity above all else, with safety and autonomy for all.

For the foreseeable future, our proceeds are tied up in the well-being of our community at large.

An inexhaustive list of bills and attacks currently facing the people of Oklahoma, as well as the broader U.S.:

An inexhaustive list of organizations SIAMB! is supporting:

--SIAMB! March 22, 2023