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SIAMB! started as a personal project following the footsteps of Aaron Cometbus' zine Cometbus. For the past ten or so years, that's what it was--including an eight year hiatus during which I swore I was working on the next issue. And that project took me through six issues and a book of poems, all published through print shops on a folded-in-half piece of paper.

Moving into issue seven however, I am more interested in creating a space for people to share their work. I'm also playing with how to exist inside this capitalism nonsense, and create somehthing like a space that isn't. But money is how we continue to exist at the moment, so we have to address it.

For issue seven I'll be using Submittable in order to seek out submissions, as well as bringing in people to help me read said submissions. I've also joined the Community of Literary Magazines and Presses [ c l m p ], as well as registered an ISSN. Rather than the previous booklets of folded over paper, this issue will be perfect bound and signifficantly longer--upwards of 100 pages instead of the previous ones that topped out at 36.

I've never broken even in printing the zines, but we're going to work out payment for contributors anyway. My working model will be a collection of shares: you get a share for being in the zine. Each zine sold will then contribute some amount to each contrbutor. A quarter maybe? All the math will be available when I actually get it together, and all finances will be public. More to come soon, some over here.

Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy! The store is open below.

-- Sir Princess Brutus, Oct. 6, 2020