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We are super excited by all the questions surrounding our chapbook call for submissions zine launched at Tulsa LitFest 2024. As we receive new questions and submissions, we will continue to add clarifying details here. The original zine advertising for this call for submissions can be found at various Tulsa businesses for free such as Whitty Books and The Whittier Bar, and an electronic version is available here.

First and foremost, we recommend you submit even if you're not sure if your project fits the criteria we defined. There is every possibility we excluded projects we would want to accept, or your project is one we're interested in doing in the future. Art first--specifics later!

In 2024, we are focusing on the broader Tulsa-area artists, but are looking forward to working with the greater community soon.

We regret causing some confusion on the desired length between calling the submission a chapbook and asking for 100 pages, which are, by definition, at odds with one another. By chapbook, we meant first/early career books; the definition of a chapbook is 25-40 pages. The original chapbooks are more akin to what we call zines now (which we love!), with the modern chapbook a small publication. So, we are officially accepting works between 25 and 140 pages, with works falling outside this range also being considered. For context, here are some estimates in different forms:

These estimates are taken using our standard fonts and sizes, so any typography work will alter these estimates. For example, see any of our Lit Mag publications or the electronic version of our chapbook promo linked above. If you would like to see an example of typographical work, check out Jourdain Barton's PHANTASMAGORIA available in our store.

Hopefully, this helps clear up some questions, and please feel free to reach out with any additional ones. We look forward to reading your work and working with you!

--SIAMB! May 15, 2024