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$15 Scissortail Sings, Winter 2022
Scissortail Sings: Solitude and Friends features eight artists and writers from Tulsa, OK. This is the first issue in honor of the artist's of Tulsa, SIAMB!'s new home as of June 2021. Spiral-bound and printed by Flash Flood and Skewed Press in Tulsa, OK. TOC & Contributors
$20 Issue #9
Themed loosely around "Rebirth & Return", Issue #9 features the fiction and writing of 20 authors froma round the world. Perfect bound, color cover and printed via a risograph. TOC & Contributors
by Jourdain Barton
It is a bit of blood, a bit of hair, a bit of bone.

It is a doomsday clock and a whisper out of time.

ISBN 9781955714006
$10 Issue #7
Themed loosely around "Through," Issue #7 features 16 pieces of poetry and fiction from around the world in 70 pages. Perfect bound.


Please contact us if you have a preference for how your donation is allocated. The default is for donations to cover costs outside the issue costs ([ c l m p ], Submittable, server space for website), then to cover issue costs (printing, shipping). Covering issue costs will also increase shares per copy sold. If you'd rather have your donation be split among the shares for a particular issue, or something else, please let us know.